Monday, August 24, 2009

Sometimes life is frustrating

Do you ever have days where you need to remind yourself that you love your husband? This makes me sound so terrible, but sometimes I just really get frustrated with my husband. I love him so much, but sometimes I just lose it.

Why is it that....

My husband asks me questions that I've answered 100 times already? Like what are the dates he needs to take off for our trip this fall...or where the bibs are....things I've answered or we've had conversations about 100 times in the past month?

He throws his clothes on the floor next to the hamper....literally next to...but can't seem to make them into the hamper?

He tells me we need toothpaste but can't seem to stop at one of the 10 CVS's or Wallgreen's on his way to work to buy some?

He thinks that because I'm home with the baby I don't have to work as well...oh I don't know, ,like write my dissertation or take classes or teach classes?

Why is it that when he's stressed out, he needs to relax, but for me life just has to go on cause there's too much to do?

What did their mothers do to them to make them so lazy and enabled?

GRRRRRRRRR okay, I have vented about my husband.

Now let me focus on the positive.

My husband takes care of me when I'm sick, like when I had shingles in my face (I know, F'ing crazy to get shingles at 26), or when I had my C section.

My husband takes good care of our baby without me worrying if he's doing a good job or not. I know you are thinking, well shouldn't this be a given? But I've know a lot of other husbands/dads that freak out at the thought of having to take care of a baby all alone for an extended period, with the mothers freaking out the entire time they are gone is their baby is going to be alive when they get home.

My husband works a job that isn't challenging to him but is convenient so that I can stay in this city to finish my graduate education.

My husband is my best friend.

Okay now I don't feel like such a terrible person. Here's my husband hanging out the my daughter Sunday morning. She's naked because she pukes all over herself, sometimes it's just easier to leave her naked until her stomach has settled a little!

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