Friday, August 28, 2009

Grandma's Here

Hey guys

What a CRAZY week. I went back to school this week (only Tuesday/Thursday). My mom came on Monday to stay for the week. This has been surprisingly nice. Normally my mother drives me up a wall after a day or two, but I'm happy to report a nice smooth week. My mom really respects my take on what the baby needs. She doesn't make comments about how I should do things differently. She does exactly what I ask her to, and she's been helping with housework also, but not overdoing it. Sometimes I'm a little controlling about how I want things done around the house, a little type A maybe, so it's difficult to let others help me. She goes home Monday and my husband will start taking care of her Tue/Thur while i'm in class.

I don't know what I was thinking taking on all these responsibilities this semester. I am taking an online class, not difficult, just time consuming, also an advanced GIS class (to help make me more marketable for job searches next summer), TAing a class, and I'm supposed to start writing. AND of course taking care of little Mimi all the other time that I'm not in class. GEESH, note to self, next time you have a one-month-old baby, cut back on the time commitments!

Mimi is plumping up. She's a little porker, she's up to almost 11 lbs. No one can dare say I'm not feeding her enough! The transition to having some bottles during the day from anther person while i'm gone has gone okay. She seems to be more gassy, which I think is from the bottles--she guzzles too quickly even with slow-flow nipples. Also, her sleeping pattern in a little off--I think because she needs the nursing to soothe her sometimes to get a good nap in. This is just what I think, who knows if it is true.

Finally lost 2 lbs after sticking at the same weight for 2 week straight. I think it is because I was so busy this week I didn't' have time to eat. Going to Toys R Us to stock up on diapers armed with my handful of coupons carefully clipped over the past few weeks.

I'll talk about something more substantial later when I have time to sit down and think about it--

Good luck to Courtney--She's having a little baby soon!
Good luck to Rach--She's coming along and buying some cute baby stuff

Check their blogs out too, they do a good job keeping people posted.

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