Thursday, August 25, 2011


I've been cursed. What the heck happened to daily naptime!? I'm NOT letting this happen. My kid needs that midday rest, Momma needs that midday dissertation writing session/break from toddler.

Mimi has been giving me a really hard time going to sleep at naptime. I know she's tired. She lays in her bed forever singing, playing, trying to grab toys in her reach. Then an hour later, she yells "Momma I'm all done!" meaning "too bad so sad momma i'm not napping today."
Before she realized I was standing there with the camera....

smiling at me as if to say "hahhahahahahahah I'm awake"

I don't want to threaten things like losing outings or (gasp) a spanking or something for not sleeping, because she's actually staying in bed pretty nicely, just NOT sleeping.

Any tips or tricks for this? And NO, we're not stopping naptime, she still needs this rest. I can tell she is tired, I know my child. Plus, when she doesn't nap, she a wreck by dinnertime and we have mega dinnertime meltdowns.

She's still sleeping 11-12 hours at night consistently and rarely waking up.


Laura said...

Can you put her to bed later and then she will be more tired for a nap?

I know my nephew stopped napping at this age so my SIL would bring him for a post lunch drive and he would fall asleep every time.

I hope this isn't the end of the nap!!

Tale of Two Babies said...

We go through phases like this it lasts for like a week or so and he decides he needs a nap again. Also making sure to really tire him our before nap time seems to help. Doing a lot of running around, playing games, etc. But unfortunately I think every toddler goes through this I think it is something of an independence thing. On the days where he refuses a nap I give him dinner and put him to bed early.