Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Haha, do you ever laugh when you look at your budget and compare them to your actual expenses?  I did today. Luckily, at this point in time we have a little wiggle room in our budget!   A year ago I couldn't say the same...

some of our ut ohs this month...

We spent $430 eating out (including dinners and lunches) when we only budget $150 HAHAHA, okay not really funny.  Is our defense, we did take our friend out for a nice dinner or two whilst he was visiting this month.   ($280 overbudget)

We spent $550 this month on grocery items.  We paid an additional $132 for our CSA for 4 weeks.  That's a whopping $170 per week on groceries when we aim to spend 80-100 HAHAHA okay again not funny again.  It's little side trips to the store that kill us.
(~$282 over budget).

Those two casually spending mistakes there could have left us with >$560 in the saving account if we had watched our spending more carefully. YIKES.

I think it's good to sit down periodically and do this to quantitatively look at your mistakes.  I plan on watching the grocery trips to whole foods and NOT eating out more than one  or twice in September.

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