Friday, August 19, 2011

Melt my Heart

I love my little girl so much.  I love doing things that make her happy and (I think) enrich her.  Little Mimi started Ballet this week.  One of the great things (in the list of many) about being unemployed a SAHM is being able to take your kid to activities in the middle of the day and get to see them really enjoy things.  I feel like I really did miss out on Mimi's life from 10 months to 23 months while she was in full time daycare.

Here's Mimi in her full on ballet garb.  I think she got just as much of a kick out of putting it on and feeling special as she did taking the class.  The class went well too.  No separation anxiety of any kind whilst I waited in the parent area separate from her studio.  She did escape twice to come tell me "come dance with me mamma!" How precious right?  There were 8 kids with two instructors and boy did they keep them moving and groovin' the entire 45 minutes.  Mimi took a 4 hour nap that day, no doubt also due to leftover tiredness from our visit with Sophie and gang.

I'm going to soak up these little girl days where she wants me to be with her all the time.  Someday she'll be saying "go away mom!"  Thanking my blessings again today for all that I have.

Here's Mimi at whole foods below where we had a little organic food spending spree as it was.  Hopefully we won't have to hit the grocery store for awhile...we really blew the grocery budget this week! lol  She saw a box with Puffins on them, so of course it came home with us, luckily it was on sale.

Aw Mimi, Mommy loves you so much.

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