Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wake up Call

Holy Crudmoly.  This morning I weighed 189.9 lbs. WTF Jen!?  Way to let yourself go!  I was 179 when we left Gainesville in late June.  I first noticed it when this photo was taken a week or so ago, do you see that 2nd chin creeping in?!

I'm really disappointed in myself.  I have resolved to not let myself gain weight like this again.  I'm never going back to those days of avoiding having my photo taking, and having my "fat pants" turn into my everyday pants.

I have set a goal to get back down to 179 pronto and won't let myself buy any new clothes at all until I get to that point.  I'm going to start running everyday mon-fri and giving myself the weekend off.  I'm happy I have realize this phenomenon now and not when I creeped above 200 lbs.  Eventually (before January) I need to get to 165.  Geesh.  I'm still in disbelief about the number that showed up on my scale this morning!

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