Sunday, August 14, 2011

The world ends when we walk out of the door...

I started working at Gymboree tonight as a "new line" employee, basically I work 1-2 Sunday nights a month and I get paid minimum wage (yuck) but get 40% off at the store (score) and 20% off at the outlet (score).  I had fun, the people were great, the work was easy, and I got to see all the new halloween and fall stuff coming out.  This transient employment with them may be more damaging than good for my bank account! lol

I was gone a mere 5 hours and my husband freaked the hell out when I was back 20 minutes later than I told him.  He managed to mess up the kitchen I spent all morning cleaning, forgot to let the dog out so the dog literally peed on my food in the doorway when I came in (gross), and Mimi was of course, awake, in mis-matched jammies and overtired and crying.  What a freakin' mess.

Sometimes my husband says in conversation to people that he wouldn't mind being a stay-at-home dad, and I almost gasp and laugh out loud.  He can't even handle her on short intervals without freakin out or trashing this place.  He has no idea the level of patience and multi tasking required to be at home fulltime with a toddler.


Mimi was so overtired I had to lay in bed with her for like 20 minutes calming her down telling her we're going on a trip to see Sophia tomorrow.  Now that she's asleep, I am going to let out the dog and pack our stuff for tomorrow so it doesn't take us all freakin' day to get out of here.

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Laura said...

haha!! so funny, you should have asked him why the kitchen wasn't clean since he expects you to ahve the house clean all the time!!

Husbands are so funny, mine will admit he would never want to stay home full time.