Friday, August 5, 2011


Do you ever get frustrated with people for being ignorant?  Now when you call someone ignorant, you're not calling them stupid, you are saying that they lack knowledge, or intelligence on a specific subject, that they are unaware or uninformed.

To tell you the truth I don't know why I waste my time even commenting on this girl's videos.  She can be ignorant, intolerant, abrasive, aggressively rude with her replies.  I really cannot fathom why she has so many loyal followers.   From the snippets of her life you gather from her videos, objectively she seems like a great mother.   Not that I'm any sort of judge of what is great parenting.  But her attitude on certain subjects can be so aggressively closed-minded. If you dare say something to question her opinion, she becomes instantly defensive and rude, and throws back at you comments with giant capitalized letters as if to emphasize her aggressiveness.  Really uncalled for.

In her last few videos she has made many comments about "I could not take my healthy newborn to a hospital filled with sick people for her hearing test!"  "Why take my HEALTHY newborn to a doctors office full of sick people!?" and yet she takes her newborns to all kinds of other outings like a children's museum.  I dare to say I could culture some pretty nasty germs from swabbing the exhibits at a children's museum in a city, not to mention the amount of kids in the place.  

My one friend put in nicely that it's ironic that she thinks denying your child healthcare keeps them healthier.

You can see from my comments, that I was not rude, nor aggressive.  I was trying to point out that if she washes her hands often and keeps her child covered (as it appears she does) she shouldn't be so afraid.  Not rude.   I'm not ignorant of infectious disease people.  I worked for an emerging pathogens department and I've had microbiology, neither of which I bet she could claim.

And when I pointed out that nephrologists, cardiologists, and orthopedics aren't full of infectious people I wasn't talking about taking her newborn there (obviously), I was pointing out that Hospitals and Doctors offices aren't all full of sick people, they are full of people seeking medical attention or advice, and that the world is not full of people with leprosy, cholera, or MRSA trying to cough and lick her and her newborn.  Nobody is out to get her, and some simple hand washing goes a LONG way.

And of course my comments have to do with objective debate! Why else would I have commented? To give you flattery on your videos? Is that the only reason you make videos? So people tell you things to inflate your ego?  As much as I post comments about InformationMommy, at least she welcomes debate, and will comment back to you (even if she disagrees) with tact and intelligence.

Why am I even talking about his Lucy? Because I was pointing out that you were over generalizing and that your fear of doctors office was somewhat irrational.  I know, I know, silly me, you can't admit that anybody might have a point but you......Debating with you Lucy, is a lost cause.


rebecca said...

One of my favorite quotes: You can't argue with stupid.

p.s. What is a loss cause?

stephanie5288 said...

Isn't the public for everyone -- healthy or otherwise? She didn't pay much attention to your comments, as you never said she would be taking her baby to a cardiologist, it was only an example.
I wonder if she will homeschool her children since she is so afraid of them being exposed to germs.

Grace said...
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Grace said...

OMG....I didnt see her post but her comments read like a stoned 10 year old wrote them. The public isnt for sick people? Wtf does that even mean?! Poor girl! Why bother?

Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

i like the point that denying the baby healthcare to keep it healthy is ironic & pretty much defines the word ignorant, if you ask me. you should say that!
i unsubscribed to her a long time ago. it irritates me that she got a bunch of thumbs up for her comments. if i knew which vid it was, i'd go find it and thumbs up your comments!