Monday, October 31, 2011

Chef Mimi Takes Halloween

I get the same few questions when I show up at said Halloween event with Chef Mimi
Did she pick it? Did you make that!?
Okay okay, no she didn't.  I planted the idea in her head, repeated it enough times, and got her so excited to be a chef that when she first put the costume on she was filled with the excitement of 100 Christmas mornings.  What's so wrong with that?  I wanted to make her something other than a fairy or princess that would be relatively easy to sew (and cheap).  It's made of lightweight cotton, so it can be good for hot weather or cool weather (with an under layer).  I also thought it would be cute to use the hat again while we bake together.  I used the Simplicity #3650 costume pattern from Joann's that I paid 99 cents for in August or September.  I spent $6 on fabric, and $4.50 on buttons.  So the total costume was under $12.  It took me approximately 6 hours to sew (broken up over 3 nights).

I am Halloweened out!  We have gone to two parties and one pumpkin patch/farm day.  We have watched the Charlie Brown Pumpkin Cartoon many times.  We have had pumpkin soup, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies, etc.  We painted 3 pumpkins, picked out gourds at the farmer's market and mailed Halloween cards.  We read Halloween books.  We are tricker treating for 30 minutes tonight after dinner then I am putting Halloween to rest! We are done.   I think begin a SAHM and having time to actually celebrate and relish the holidays made me go a little holiday celebration overboard.  Don't get me wrong, I've had fun, but I've had my fill!

I'll share some photos from the festivities over the weekend.
on a train ride at a fall festival
with mamma at a fall festival

Scaring animals a petting zoo

Having some food at a fall festival with her pal the good fairy

Making faces at Papa

A little costume swapping going on at the park

Some bounce house playing at a fall festival

Me and a good friend at a fall festival

Looking like such a big girl with her Papa

Post Halloween Sugar Crash

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