Saturday, October 1, 2011

Grumpster Dumpster Party Attendee

Mimi riding the airplane

Even though she was a GIGANTIC GRUMPSTER DUMPSTER we went to Mimi's little friend's birthday party this afternoon. We were an hour late (in our true form) and made it in time to ride some rides and sing happy birthday.  My husband literally walked in the door as I was getting ready to leave so he came with me.  That totally helped handling our grumpster dumpster who didn't nap.

It was a cute little party for a very cute little girl.  I love this little girl's parents, they are the most wholesome people I've ever met and they are raising one adorable little girl.  Happy Birthday Allison!

cute hello kitty cupcakes, I did not partake as I didn't want to run 2 miles to burn it off....

Mimi with one of her besties (the birthday girl)
Birthday girl and her momma (isn't she gorgeous!?)

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