Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scarves = Play toys?

I got 3 "Pashmina" scarves off ebay from China that came in the mail today.  Are they real pashmina? Probably not.  Are they soft? You bet.  For under $5 each shipped, these scarves were a great deal.

My mom sends Mimi "presents" in the mail A LOT.  So every time we get a package, Mimi thinks it's a present from Grandma.  She gets so excited to get the mail with me because there might be a present for Mimi from Grandma.  Today the scarves came and she was so excited. She ran back to our apt and ripped them open and said "oooooo!"

She played with these scarves happily for over 30 minutes. Seriously.  I'm afraid she'll get upset when I actually want to wear them.

She kept saying she was  princess.  Maybe she gets this idea from Aladdin?

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Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

she's watched aladdin? me & carter are so behind on toddler media. as in, we just repeat nemo, thomas and blue's clues.
i loveeee the top picture!!