Monday, October 24, 2011

Working Mom Magazine

Somehow I was randomly signed up for a subscription to "Working Mother" magazine. So strange, I never signed up for it, but it gets mailed to me each month now for 2 or 3 months. 

Today I was reading it while I waited for Mimi to fall asleep, because I can't do work while I can hear her tinkering in her room getting into trouble.  The articles were about "work life balance" and "dividing chores with your husband" "maximizing your morning routine" and other such multitasking articles.
After reading the article on "work life balance" I thanked god (and my husband) 1,000 times in my head that I don't have to find a "work life balance" anymore.  I think back on the days when I woke up and left the house before Mimi even woke up most days.  How I only got to spend 2 hours with her before she had to go to sleep.  How the weekends were lazily spent recovering from the mess of the week.  How we never had time to do outings or make it to storyhours.  How I never cooked dinner or even did the shopping.  How Mimi spent so much more time with my husband that she would call for him in the night if she awoke.  How I cried almost everyday at how unhappy I was.

I look forward to my next pregnancy, carelessly taking naps with Mimi in the afternoons.  I look forward to never worrying about "getting a spot reserved" at a daycare.  I look forward to bringing my next baby home (someday) and never having to leave my baby to go back to work.  

Having me be a SAHM takes a lot financial sacrifices for our family.  We don't go on vacations, or drive fancy cars, or live in a spacious glorious house, or go to nice dinners (or even not so nice dinners).  I wouldn't give up my new SAHM gig for any of those things right now.  Mimi and I have become inseparable pals.  I feel like I know her like no on else.  

I am happy that I did have to work full time for that year (well okay it was 11 months) because it makes me not take my new "job" for granted.  Who wouldn't want to get to sneak up on your kid quietly finger painting in her room?

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Sarah said...

What a beautiful post! There are times when I have thought about all the things we could buy/do if I went back to work...but nothing really compares to being at home with my cherubs, and being there to pick my little boy up from school each day. I'm glad you are happy and enjoying your SAHM status :).