Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day Trip to San Antonio

We had a friend come for a visit, then continue on to San Antonio for a conference.  We drove her down there and spent the afternoon.  My husband has to go there often for work so he knew his way around, which was nice.

We did the riverwalk and made our way to the Alamo.  Not as spectacular as I imagined, but free, so it was cool.  There was some sort of protest going on while we were there too.

We had lunch at the most amazing German deli.  This place is the cutest little diner.  It reminds me of a quaint diner in a small town but with the tast of a NYC deli.  I had the Reuben, while hubs had the split pea soup. Mimi has a hard boiled egg and some pickles.

We were home in time for a quick ride to the park before dinner.  What a great short Saturday trip.  I think I would drive down again just for the split pea soup lol.

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend.  I look forward to this week. I have no crazy obligation this week, so hopefully Mimi and I can relax, have fun, and I can get some work on done on my dissertation.  Talk to you all soon!

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