Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just a Normal Saturday...

Every Saturday we venture to our Farmer's market to pick up our CSA and get coffee and a bagel.  Lately we've been riding our bikes there, especially with the cooler weather. Today we picked up or veggies but the coffee lady was not there! It was a tragedy.  We were forced to get breakfast tacos at the place next store, which was pretty fun as well.

We stopped at the playground on the way back and let Mimi play for an hour. Now it's naptime.  Hope you're all having a great Satruday.

This is me no makeup, before coffee.

Hat:  American Eagle
Scarf:  Ebay Fake Pashmina
Shirt:  Target
Cutoffs:  Made from American Eagle Jeans
Shoes:  Target

Hat:  Etsy
Shirt:  Gymboree
Pants:  Gymoboree
Shoes:  Striderite
Scarf:  Target
Attitude:  Negative

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