Thursday, October 6, 2011

What I wore - Anniversary Dinner

We went to Uchiko last night for our anniversary dinner.  We had an amazing dinner!  We talked and laughed and reminisced about the last 9 years.  We talked about Mimi, expanding our family, moving, jobs, and life in general.  My husband had a fresh haircut and looked so cute in his sweater.   He even wore his wedding ring (which he normally doesn't because it's uncomfortable).  I'll show you what I wore.  I don't have a perfect body and I'm aware of that--yes I see that I have somewhat of a pooch, but I felt beautiful (and comfortable) and that's what matters.
Attempting to get a photo of myself, I'm so bad at doing this

Tried to not look like a mom tonight ll

Taken after dinner, food baby? lol

I could watch/listen to him play guitar all night.  
Dress - Forever 21 (off ebay for $7!)
Tights - Target
Shoes - Gap Outlet
Earrings - Forever 21
Husband - Mine don't touch 


Grace said...

You look gorgeous! Happy (belated) anniversary!

Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

you are SOOOO pretty jenn!! when did your hair get that long?! it's gorgeous