Friday, October 21, 2011

An Evening With Sophie

We were so lucky to get a night with our bud Sophie tonight. Her parents are here in town for a wedding this weekend and let us take her for an evening while they were attending to wedding stuff with their friends.  What a treat.

We intended to go to the bounce house place that I love, but with timing and traffic and such that didn't pan out, so we headed for the park and got in some beautiful fall evening playtime.  I purposely brought my camera to try to get some photos of the girls together. The lighting was perfect (in my amateur opinion) for those soft glowing fall pictures. The girls had a ball.

We picked up some pizza and had apples and pizza for dinner at the apartment.  I think it's funny that her daughter asked for more apples, my daughter asked for more pizza! Doh! They played and took a bath and cuddled up in their jammies until Sophie's momma came to get her.

It's weird, I haven't know Courtney for that long, a little over 2 years, but I feel like we're great friends from way back. I feel so comfortable around her, I can be myself, uncensored, opinionated, flawed and in sweat pants 99% of the time and I know she accepts me.  I feel relaxed around her (and her entire family) and never feel like I have to act different, or parent differently.  I thank god for putting such great people in my path, no matter how unorthodox that path is. for my jammies....


Sascha und Karin said...

The lightning was perfect and the pictures turned out so cute!

Kyle and Court said...

I feel the same way. Isn't it wonderful? =)

I adore the pictures of the girls and your tidbits about Sophie asking for more apples made me proud. I think I am going to frame on of the ones of them running and laughing and holding hands. Too perfect.

Thank you guys so much. I trust my daughter with you... that should tell you how much I love you guys! =)