Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In our "cozies"

The last two days I've been sick as a dog.  The kind of sick where you KNOW god must be punishing you for something.  The kind of sick where you care barely drag yourself to the bathroom.  The kind of sick where you force yourself to drink gatorade even though you know you'll probably throw it back up. Yeah. NOT PRETTY. Luckily no on else was afflicted.  lol "Afflicted" sounds so bad ass.

I survived it (and lost 3 lbs)!  My husband had to take off work to take care of Mimi because I literally could not get out of bed.  Thank god, otherwise I have no idea what I would have done.  After about 24 hours of feeling like death I was able to shower and eat some applesauce.

This morning I'd say I'm back to 60% and hopefully back to 100% tomorrow.  Today, still somewhat under the weather, I laid low with the Mimester here at home and we wore our cozies.  We call our warm comfy clothes (sweats, fuzzy socks, hoodies, etc) our cozies.  It was actually only 75 today (and about 50 this morning) so Mimi and I did manage to walk buddy in our cozies.

We ventured out to whole foods later in the day and made a delicious organic chicken soup and organic (from scratch) sweet potato pie which I'll share the recipe and photos to later.

Hope you all are well and in your cozies!


Laura said...

Mimi is so cute, she so doesn't look like a baby anymore!

Kammy'sMama said...

oy...feel better sister!!

Annie said...

what a cutie pie!!
i hope you are feeling better hun!