Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Style (or lack there of)

I envy you ladies (and moms) that can throw together super cute outfits and roll out of the house looking all sexy and creative.  People like my bud Meg. Dang her and those cute parisian outfits and adorable hair!  That's not me.  Today I rolled out of the house looking like I had the flu or something, even though I don't.  I'm really trying to be more outgoing and creative with the way I dress.  I'm also really trying to look more put together and less like I dont' give a shit.  I turn 30 in a few months, better be creative now before I'm too old and I look tacky right?

Here's a few outfits that I've found that I like for fall that I've managed to find most of the pieces of via ebay, or on the cheap.  I'll show you what they are supposed to look like and as I wear said outfits I'll show you what I tried to pull off! lol!

I really like this one but this girl has on jeans in a tan color, I think I'd just wear some thick tan leggings from Forever 21 or something.  I love the contrast of the scarf and I'm in love with those riding boots!

This one might actually work here, because HELLO it's still 100 degrees here!!!  I can sew that shirt pretty easily and I have leggings (or dark skinny jeans), boots and an orangy scarf.

Love this one, I have all the pieces to this one and as soon as it gets a bit cooler here I'll throw my version together and show you all.  This is Jcrew.  I have the jeans, cardigan and striped shirt from jcrew and I just snagged an Ann Taylor gray blazer off ebay for $17!

Hey mommas out there, what's your style?

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Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

jen. i look like i have the flu every day too (LOL!!). i don't get dressed that much! my last blog outfit (with the added hair do) took me a good hour of valuable carter naptime to put together - which is pretty sad because it was supposed to be super casual & turned into an afternoon of stripping & redressing.
i like the shirt you're going to make! i'm jealous of your sewing abilities. i feel so scatterbrained compared to you!
why can't we just be guys already?