Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Not Feelin' It Today

My husband had to work all day Saturday and Sunday this weekend which BLOWS for me. I spend all week keeping our little Mimi monster busy.  This week I took her to the children's museum, the park, the zoo, on Thomas the Tank Engine, to the bounce house, you name it!  We were busy.  So not having a break this weekend is really emptying my mom mojo.  I find myself just 'dealing' with her and not engaging with her as much as I normally do.  I am drained and frustrated and need a break.  I want to take my laptop to a coffee shop and sit there and work by myself without interruption.  Normally on Sunday's my husband takes Mimi out for a few hours so I can work (and clean up).  Not today.  I am just feeling a little short tempered and stir crazy.

I hope everyone else is having a better weekend (mom mojo wise) than I am!


Laura said...

Totally feeling like that this weekend...hubby came home from a week away last night after bedtime and then this morning had a huge sleep in (grrr) and then has been sort of non-helpful all day which irritates me since I have been solo parenting for two weeks and I am so tried! I hate going into another week without feeling like I have had a break.

Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

my hubs has to work every other sunday & it makes me feel so bad for him & i feel guilty giving him carter when he IS here bc he's so tired, BLAH. we have drop in daycares around here - i found one for $7 and hour, today i took carter there and took an hour to myself to go to the drugstore & just wander around, it was totally worth it. check and see if there are any around you! i dream of lonely starbucks laptop days a lot, too.

Tale of Two Babies said...

Have you guys ever thought about checking out moms morning out programs? They offer them at the churches around here for not too expensive. We are not religous and they don't teach them the bible at ours IDK how they are at others. I know I drop him off now every Wednesday from 9-12 and they play and do crafts (last wed he finger painted sp cute!) feed them snack, and if the weather is nice take them outside for walks and to the play ground they have there. He has fun and I get to grocery shop with only one baby (LOL) but it is only 100 every 2 months for 3 hours one day a week ends up being like 12.50 a day.