Sunday, September 4, 2011

Great Family Weekend

So far this has been an amazing family fun weekend.  We have all been getting outside and enjoying the break from the 100+ weather.  My husband started running with me, which is really awesome. He's much faster than I, but he tries to adjust his pace to let me keep up. Isn't that funny? I run 12 miles a week, and he NEVER runs and all of a sudden he's faster than me? I think I could go farther than him though.  Mimi loves the Bob Stroller still, although the strap that clips it shut came detached. WTF? $400 stroller breaks after 2 1/2 months!? I have to call the company and get the screw to reattach the strap to the grommets.

My husband and I made it 4 days on the juice fast before we decided to break it.  We both were really just felt like 4 days was a good first attempt.  Honestly, if you look down on me for stopping after 4 days, I want you go on a ALL JUICE diet for 4 full days whilst cooking food for your family and running 3 miles a day and tell me how you feel. Then you can criticize me.  Now that that is out of the way....

I lost 3 lbs on the fast and we broke the fast on the most delicious Kolache's after out 5K jog Saturday.  My belly feels flatter even though It wasn't a lot of weight, I think this is due to the fact that you loose all the bloat because you're eating no salts or animal products.  You do feel amazing, but you really just miss eating dinner as a family (at least we all did).  We actually continued doing juices for breakfast and lunch just because it feels good and we aren't really hungry. By dinner though we're ready for food.  Like this food we at last night...mmm....

I'm not going to lie, I felt sick after eating solids for the first time in 4 days.  That's part of the reason I keep juicing for most of the day.  But man was this good.

It was really nice going out to eat as a family with Mimi. We don't take her out much just because it's a gamble whether or not she'll act like a demon.  On nights like last night, she surprises us with her grace and patience. 
Check out my diva posing in her outfit below.  I made the dress and bow and we got the shoes on clearance at Gymboree for $8.  I'm dressed a little frumpy but I could have cared less. 

Today we ran again and picked up some "pee pee in the potty treats" from Walgreens.  We found that if we give her A WHOLE BAG of M &M's she'll ask to go, hold it to go, and go frequently on the potty.  The only time she wears a pullup is nap and nightime really now.  We bought a bag of those Halloween size bags of M&M's and she gets a whole bag each time she actually goes.  Judge me if you want but it works like a charm.   

It's so nice that we had a great weekend AND my husband has off tomorrow too.  I'm off to put this stinker down for her nap and get a shower.  I hope everyone else is having a great weekend too!

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