Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mimi rides

Is this really real? Do I have a 2 year old that is riding a bike outside?  Where has the time gone? Can I ask more rhetorical questions?

I look at Mimi sometimes and just feel so blown away by how much of a "kid" she is now.  She talks in complete sentences, is almost potty trained (in and out of the house if that makes sense), gets food out of the fridge herself, climbs into her own highchair seat, the list goes one. Man, she even can turn on her favorite cartoons somehow.  I feel like my baby is gone.  She even takes showers by herself most nights.  Complete with washing her "lady parts" as we call them.  

I can totally see why the majority of people that want multiple kids start making more babies right about now.  You just BANG realize you don't have a baby anymore, and you miss it!  Also watching Mimi play with her dolls so tender and sweet makes me super excited to make her a big sister someday and watch her be tender and sweet with her own little brother or sister.  

We pretty much were lazy bums all weekend.  Throw in a trip to Ikea amongst naps and watcthing Ponyo over and over on netflix and you'll have our weekend in a nutshell, and you know what? we really enjoyed it lol.  We kind of like being bums all weekend sometimes.  

This week should be pretty busy then we're going to Houston this weekend for a very special birthday party for a very adorable (and also brilliant) 2 year-old.  I'm excited for Franco to meet my friend for the first time as well.  

I hope you all had a great weekend and are geared up and ready for another September week!

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