Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting close

I've added a little something into my morning pill taking routine....

Some on you probably think i'm silly nutso  for writing a blog post of what some people call "Pre TTC" but I'm just getting so darn excited I can't help myself.  We have decided that after Christmas all systems are go for trying for Baby #2.  By December we will be 60% to our savings goal, hopefully gave a draft of my dissertation written, and down to my goal weight.

I've started taking my prenatals again because hey, it can't hurt, and I know it's good to get them in your system several months before you are pregnant.

I went and saw my new OB/GYN for my annual visit last week and I LOVED HER.  She was friendly and patient and answered all of my questions without making me feel silly for asking them.  She talked to me about my blood pressure meds and my weight and running and gave me great feedback on all three topics.  She didn't think I was overweight, but come on, 183 for a my height is overweight. Why do doctors brush over it like it's no big deal?  Being overweight (especially with excess stomach fat) is linked to all sorts of medical problems and diseases (including hypertension), so why don't doctors point that out to patients?  I feel like because so many people are overweight (even obese) and they see it so much, that it's become acceptable to be overweight medically because it is the norm.  I only have about 15-20 lbs to lose, and I wouldn't let that one factor hold me back from TTC, but it's definitely on my "list" of things to address before intentionally TTC.

I have my first Asutin 5K on October 9th and I'm trucking away at getting back to being able to run the entire thing (with the jogger).  Last night my husband came running with me and it was so fun.  He can't run the whole 2 miles that I went so he sprinted then walked and would periodically catch up and then gall behind me.  Mimi was in the jogger saying to my husband "Pappa, go catch Momma! She's getting away! She's in trouble!" it was hilarious hearing her tell him that every 2 minutes.  Today is a rest day so I"m going to walk Mimi to the park a mile away in the wagon.  Next week is week 7 of the 5K 101 program I do and I have to run 3 twelve minute intervals (which is about a mile for me) with a 3 minute walk/drink break in between, then in week 8 you run a full 5K. Perfect timing because my 5K is only 3 weeks away!

I was telling my husband this morning that I miss how lean I looked when I was running about 3-4 miles 5 days a week.  I can see it in my face and my body. I'll try to dig up a photo of the difference so you can see what I'm talking about. Even though I dont' weight much more than I did back then, you can really see it my face and stomach.
at my friend Grace's baby "sprinkle" in March

I also like the way I looked at the end of this video, even though it was this past December I think.

Ugh, struggling with my weight just sucks. It's like a never ending battle against myself.

Wow, this happy "pre ttc" post turned into a vent about being overweight. Sorry :-/

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Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

i'm so happy about your future ttc news!! my doctor pretty much yelled at me when i told her i never exercise. we should trade doctors :P