Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Buys Post From a Friend

Hey moms and moms to be, you should check out my friends post on her favorite baby buys. It's always cool to see what other mom's use and find useful.  I did one of these posts awhile ago and my friend Jess Craig also did one when her son Wyatt was younger.  Check them all out.  I can't find Jess's, you'll have to dig around her blog IROCKSOWHAT.COM.

Grace's Post
My Post

This got me thinking of our current fav baby/toddler things.  I'm going to throw out a few.

Crocs--I hate their company's customer service and somewhat random sizing (what his size 6/7 anyway?), but the crocs I do have for her are work horses.  All terrain durable shoes is wicked cool colors that my kid can put on all by herself.

The Go BOB Revolution SE--the only way I can work out while being a SAHM.  She loves it, it fits in my trunk, runs like a dream.  It has awesome features like a wicked cool sun shade, reclines, storage everywhere, fits kids up to 70 lbs, two suspension settings, tall enough for my 5'10" frame, can be steared with 2 fingers while running, safety strap, easy to fold, easy as heck to remove wheels.  Can't say enough about this stroller. My 2011 model has a one click easy installation for the carseat adapter when we try for baby 2.   I will say though, if you're not going to RUN with it don't waste your money. It is designed to RUN with.

Dollar bin sand toys from Target.  These toy go everywhere with us. To the beach, park, at home, the pool.  They are cheap, easy to clean, all fit in my one large bucket, and have survived an entire summer with all sorts of crazy destructive kids using them.  If you can scarf some up before they pack up the summer stuff crab some of these toys.

Playtex Sippy Cups--these things are my favorite. Used at our daycare, we followed suit and bought a bunch.  We will never use other cups.  They have stood the test of time and god know how many times in a diswasher.
here's Mimi in our old jogger with her playtex sippy. 
That's it for now, just a quick post today.  

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