Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thumbs Down

I am in a weird distracted mood lately.  Today I was thinking how much I would like to have this floating "thumbs down" button that follows you and when someone or something urks you just smash that button and this obnoxious sound would blare. Everyone around you would be painfully aware of your dislike of the current situation.  I read this girl's post today on facebook and I glared at it and thought, how I wish there was a dislike button so she would know how vapid she is, hmmm vapid? is that the word I want?  Anyway...

So life has been pretty busy lately. Mimi's social calendar keeps me on my toes.  I've been kind of stressed out this last week or two which just irritates me.  It tires me out, distracts me from getting work done and just ruins my mojo.  I am on a mission to eliminate sources of stress in my life wherever possible.  I hate feeling stressed.  I am making a pledge right now, as I type this post (well after I finish bitching) to stop stressing crap.

I'm been struggling to get back on my running game but it is SO FRIGGIN HOT AND DRY HERE that when I run I want to pass out and die on the side of the road like roadkill.  I can't take the heat and hate the treadmill but feel anxious and stressed when I can't get my runs in.  I like running with my husband but he is friggin obsessed with his dumb ass 5 finger shoes and says it's uncomfortable to run on pavement, only comfortable on dirt. Well no crap, they're not shoes! It's like having Saran wrap on your feet for Pete's sake!  Ugh, I am going to hide those shoes of his and pretend they were stolen or something.

For some magical reason I've lost weight, probably because I'm so busy I don't eat, then I chow down at 3pm and don't eat dinner cause I had such a huge late diet? lol.  However it happened I'll take it.

Do I have anything else to complain about?  hmmmmm.  Oh great Mimi just woke up. See you guys later.


Kyle and Court said...

I hear you on the stress. You know what is topping my stress list? Laundry. Stupid laundry is trying to do me in. Of all the dumb things to let bother me.

I also hear you about the weather. I was in a mad dash to beat the heat as much as possible and it was still so hot I had back sweat after only half a mile. The good news? The weather will get very lovely soon...

And to continue my copying you trend... I have been having the same weight loss more than likely the result of the exact same eating pattern as you. It isn't healthy, but it is so hard to eat "normal".

The point? I've got your back. ;)

Kammy'sMama said...

i feel ya on the hot and dry heat sister...we live outside of phoenix and it is hot as the dickens. especially being from new jersey, my body is all kinds of confused bc im used to all things fall by now!! can i just say that i love reading your blog bc you keep it real. i know that every one of us moms feels stressed/inadequate/annoyed at times but the majority of mom blogs mask those feelings. so thanks for being realistic :) i hope you feel better, and it will get better. OH and my husband has not one pair but two (wtf) pairs of those silly five finger shoes and yes, they are ridiculous. haha

Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

i'm sorry to hear about your bad mood, but you seriously made me laugh, so hey, you can feel good about that(?) hide the finger shoes!! i have an old denim jacket on my list of hubs things to hide.
invent a giant thumbs down thing and i can guarantee you a purchase on my end!
feel better!! moods come in waves (at least mine do), give it a couple days xoxoxo