Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday's and Friends

This weekend we traveled out to the Houston area to see one my good friends and attend a very special 2nd birthday party!  We left town after work Friday and got there really late, but surprisingly all the kids were in good spirits so we were able to get a quick dinner together.  It was really nice, they picked a place that had toys for the kids so we actually got to chat while the kids played with bins of checkers and old McDonald's toys.

The next day was Sophia's fishy party, and wouldn't you know it? It rained.  It hasn't rained in Texas in months, but on poor Sophia's fishy pool party day it rained.  It really didn't stop the fun though.  I was uber impressed at how the party hostess was as cool as a cucumber though.  She didn't let a few drizzles overcast the fun, hahahaha nice pun right?  People dried off chairs, turned on the pool heater and dragged the food table under the cover of the porch.  Everyone had a great time.  It was the perfect length for a kid's party.  I was sad to leave, but happy to come home to Austin.

I hope to go back next month for a longer visit :-)

 Some photo therapy for you...
with pappa in her homemade fishy dress

Mimi stuffing her face with delicious cupcakes
being hipsters together

The birthday girl blowing out her candles

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Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

that's awesome that you could go!!