Friday, September 19, 2008

Martha Stuart Is Good At Everything!

Yesterday F and I were in the kitchen cooking and I was cutting the flowers he bought. I was pretending to be martha stuart, talking about the flowers and how to but them, and why red flowers are so in right now, etc... and F says to me, "man martha stuart is good at everything. When she does something, she doesn't do it half ass. I'd probably have sex with martha stuart, I bet she's great at sex too." I laughed so hard I had to share that with you.

I ran some last minute wedding errands today, getting together the attendants gifts and such. The cleaning lady came today and made or home bleachy clean and tidy. Thank god she's coming before the bridal shower. There will be all these people here in the house that I don't know. We don't want aunt so and so shuffling off peeking in corners for dirt now do we!

Grace came over after lunch today with Dahlia. She was strutting her stuff today in here rainbow outfit, ready for another photoshoot. We got a nice picture of her smiling, we almost got her to laugh.

Time is blowing by so fast. F's birthday is next week. I don't want to go crazy like usually, but I think i'll do something special. I picked out some small gifts for him today and hid them. He'll be 27 next week! 2 more weeks until our big wedding day! I'm getting really excited! Charlotte comes to fit my dress for the last time on Sunday. I'm still doing the Total Get Fit Challenge! We've had two classes, so far not too bad. I was a little sore after wednesday night's class so yesterday I just walked the dog a mile and ran a mile.

Have a great Friday!

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