Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Bachelorette Party

Last night the girls gave me a bachelorette party complete with fun games, food, and a night out at the club. I wore a pink boa, pink tiara, giant plastic light up diamond ring, a necklace with fine penises hung on it. My friends Tina and Kim did a really job with the party. Everyone had a great time and everyone got home safely thanks to Tina and Kim's excellent DD skills. Some of my friends from class came out to meet us at the bar which was really fun as well. I think everyone pole danced and did shots. What a fun night. Three more weeks until the wedding!

Today i'm a somewhat hung over. F and I went to the city pool with some friends. I just wanted to curl up and die on the beach chair, but I was a good sport. F and I went to Hobby Town USA and I found these really cute activity books for the kids at the wedding. I thought it would be a neat idea to keep them occupied and also a special gift for them. Now i'm home uploading the fun pictures and picking up thing. I may make it to the gym, but it's not looking very likely right now!

Enjoy some PG rated pics!

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