Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Subaru is in sad shape :-(

Hey all,

Haven't posted in awhile. It was a pretty crappy weekend.

The Seamstress altering my dress for the wedding returned my dress to me Sunday after having it for an entire month!!! She forgot to do one of the things we asked here to do and my dress stank like an ashtray! I was so upset I was crying. So unproffessional of this women to keep my dress in an area where she smokes. So I spoke with her and she offered to pay to have the dress cleaned at the dry cleaners. So my dress is at the cleaners being cleaned and pressed for the big day. I hope it comes out okay. I hope there is no problem with the beading. God don't I sound like a Bridezilla.

The crappier part of the weekend happen just after the dress drama. Tina, F and I got in the car to drive to Michael's craftstore. I was driving the subaru down NW 34th Street, stopped in traffic when WHAM! It sounded like a gunshot! We were hit by a lady driving an expedition and slammed into the truck in front of us. Apparently she hadn't realized traffic in front of her had stopped.

The Subi's not totalled, but it's in sad shape. All people involved were safe, protected by the delicate crumpling of our new car! So now I'm sore as hell and emotionally exhausted! As if the wedding next weekend wasn't distracting enough! As I say to my friend Kerry "It could have been worse...." She knows the rest. LOL


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