Thursday, September 11, 2008

Buddy and Lola Go To The Vet Today

Hey Guys,

Today Lola and Buddy went to the vet for their yearly shots and exams :-( Buddy was excited to go anywhere in the car, but Lola was less than thrilled. Since Lola doesn't leave the house our property except to go to the vet, I think he knew what he was in for. Buddy happily went in the car though.

We all drove F to campus, Buddy got to look at all the half naked college girls out the window. He seemed to enjoy it. To the vet we went. There was this cute dog in the waiting room that had been attacked, buddy was so gentle and sweet to it. Buddy's continued enthusiam ended when they stuck the fecal exam thingy up his rear. His eyes widened and he was no longer excited lol. They even took blood and gave him a "red badge of courage" they called it. Really it was red gauze they taped to his leg. The vet held him down to give him his shots and ear/eye exam and he peed on her. I felt so bad, because he does that when he is upset or scared :-(

Lola went throught all the same but with much less drama. I think Lola enjoyed all the pets he got from the vet tech. Lola doesn't get too much human attention around the house these days.

I'm off to sushi. I know what you're saying, I ate sushi yesterday. But it's so good! Today I am going to meet my friend Ryan and his girlfriend Emily at the restaurant. I haven't seen either of them in awhile so it'll be nice to do some catching up.

We stopped at Christian's "shack" last night after we ate at tijuana flats to say hi. He was telling us more about cameras and which sites are good to buy from and what accesories you need and which ones you don't. He seems really into cameras, which is cool because i'm an uneducated consumer when it comes to these things. I'll have to save up after the wedding and maybe buy a used or refurbished one to learn with.

Here are some the sites he recommends for buying camera stuff online:
Copied from his helpful email to me

I've heard that Adorama is good. That's where I'm buying my D200.

Here are some pics of Buddy post vet today, he's tuckered out.
Have a great day!

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