Tuesday, September 9, 2008

@ the Bucks with Dahlia

Hey all,

My friend Grace and I met up at the bucks for some coffee tonite. She had a baby in June this past summer. I probably see her once a week and each time she has grown! It makes my day to just hold her and smell her delicious baby smell. She's one of the more beautiful babies I've seen in awhile. I'm so lucky Grace lets me be a baby hog and hold here so much! Careful ladies, if you are in the "biological clock" stage of your life, be careful how much time you spend around your friends adorable cute loveable babies! It will make you want to have one! lol.

I had my camera at bucks taking some snaps of cuty pie Dahlia and this nice guy starting giving us camera tips about what cameras are good for non-blurry photos in natural light. I have an olympus stylus 730 all weather 7mp camera, well it's F's camera, anyway.....and for an expensive camera it sometimes does not deliver. Take for example tonite. If I take pictures of people with the flash it washes our their faces and shows every shiny spot we all have. If I don't use the flash, if the person in the photo bats and eyelash the camera is blurry. I may be in grad school, but I'm no camera expert. So, this nice young guy tells us about his digital slr camera, the Nikon D40. My friend Christian who knows EVERYTHING, no sarcasm here, the guy is a walking wikipedia, told me about the same camera. Big SLR bang for your buck. So perhaps after the wedding I can save up for one.

That's about it! Check out some pictures of adorable dolly.

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