Thursday, September 25, 2008

F's Bday Tomorrow

Tomorrow is F's 27th Birthday! Very exciting! I bought him some little treasures so he would have some gifts to open on his bday morning like my mom used to do for me. His real present is a trip to Spa Royale tomorrow for a hour long massage, and dinner later. I hope he has a great Birthday! He doesn't advertise his bday like I do. I would shout it from the rooftop and fly banners announcing my birthday if I could. I like everyone to know it's MY special day. F is a little more subdued, he just likes to have a piece of carrot cake and call it a day.

The car is in the shop until the end of Oct!!! Geesh. Well atleast we'll be gone a week and when we're here we'll have the rental.

Had to share a video of buddy from this morning. When we cleaned out the garage a month ago I found an entire rubbermaid bin of stuffed animals. I took the doggy safte ones and put them in his toy basket. This specific bare seems to be his lovey. He likes to bring it in every room with him and he just lays and gives it kisses. Think he needs a buddy?

Last Saturday we went to the beach on a very windy rainy day. It's about an hour and 20 minutes away from Gville, so it was sunny here when we left! When we arrived however, not so nice. We tried to have a little fun in the wind. The water was warm though! They actually closed the beach right when we arrived. It was our last ride in the Subi before the accident.

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