Saturday, September 27, 2008

F Turns 27

Yesterday my husband to be turned 27! I like that he is slightly closer to 30 than I am! Just kidding. We had a nice day. F couldn't take the day off completely because he took two days off because of the accident. I woke up a little earlier than him and made him a vanilla latte and pancakes. The pancakes had whipped cream, sprinkles and candles on them! After breakfast we went to Spa Royale for a couples massage. F had been to a spa like this before so he knew the routine, I however was a little out of place. I get theraputic massages for my neck tension but not at anything close to a spa! We were in the same room and F had a women masseuse and I had a male. It was kind of strange having a strange man rub scented oils and lotions all over my body. I have to laugh because this was one of those spas where you are only allowed to whisper in your spa voices, and no one talked at all during the massage except to ask us how that pressure was. It was so hard for me to lay there 50 minutes without talking!! It was nice though, especially after wednesday night's gym class, I was really sore.

I dropped F off at work and ran some errands before meeting him and his coworkers for lunch. We had sushi which I love, so i'm happy they picked that place. I had a slight confrontation with my friend at the table which made everyone else uncomfortable. I felt so bad for ruining the good mood of the day.

I picked F up at work after my gym class and we headed out for drinks and dinner. We ate our one of our favorite restaurants and ran into a good friend of ours while we were waiting for our table. It was nice to have a quiet dinner with just the two of us. With all the stress of the wedding and the accident and classes, it was so peaceful with just the two of us. F had the best fish and chips i've ever had, and being catholic, i've eaten a lot of fish and chips (Lent). I had my usual pesto ghochi, which was delicious. We met some of our friends at the gelato place for coffe and gelato.

Finally, we had drinks at one of our favorite bars which just expanded and looks great inside. We were swapping stories how we have heard/seen our parents having sex and how weird that was for us. I laughed so hard at some peoples stories.

We were so tired by the end of the night, but what a great birthday F had. His sisters and good friends' birthday is the weekend of the wedding, so we'll have to do something special for them too.


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