Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sushi and a Little Tudors Discussion

Today was a crazy sort of day. I stayed up until 4am doing my Remote Sensing lab report, which turns out is bit of a stretch to answer questions without the textbook! I ordered the textbook on on August 13th, by September 4th it hadn't arrived and I did not get back any answers to my emails from the seller, so needless to say his seller feedback score will be complete shit when i'm done with him, and I have no textbook.

I was smart enough to set the timer on the bread machine so we had warm fresh bread at 8am, a short 4 hours after I went to bed. I'm 26, i'm not old, but i'm too old to be staying up late and trying to function the next day. I had F drop me off on campus where I met with my prof. about some questions I had about the lab and the course in general. This women is about the most freshminded (if that's a word) women I have ever met in academia. She got married in grad school, had a baby on her postdoc, got tenure in 2 years and just had another baby. She's happy, AND succesful. She's kind of an inspiration to me. You find so many MEN prof's around our dept. and academia in general that will tell you, if you want a family you must not want to be successful too. Sad I know. I think with the right attitude, commitment, and support from your family, you can have both. I think F and I will make good parents someday, AND I think I will turn out just fine as a prof also.

Lab was fine today also. I sat next to my bud Gypsy. She is like a female Indiana Jones (maybe a little less dramtic). I get so flustered when she gets ahead of me in lab, not because i'm competitive, well I am but not in this case, but when she gets ahead of me I keep asking her what step is next instead of just reading the lab manual. I was actually whining today because I couldn't figure out this one step, and poor Gypsy was like "just follow the lab book, you'll figure it out." She'll make a good parent too someday, she is so friendly and calm.

I had Lunch/Dinner aka "Linner" at my fav sushi place with my pal Kim today. She and my friend Tina are throwing me a bachelorette party this weekend. I'm kind of excited and scared of what will come! lol. I'm sure we'll all have a good time. There are no drama queens, so we'll just get saucy and wear necklaces and such with genitalia on them I'm sure. :-) I'll post pics later probably!

One other note, last night I watched "The Other Boleyn Girl" with Scarlett Johansson (so hot) and Natalie Portland (also not bad). I also follow the show "Tudors" on showtime which, both of these are tales of the same time period and people. They both follow the story of King Henry 8 and Ann Boleyn and the separtation of England from the Catholic Church etc... I thought it was amazing that "The Other Boleyn Girl" covered in 2 hours what Tudors covered in 20 episodes! Well amazing, and yet kind of sad, because having watched the Tudors first, I wasn't impressed with "The Other Boleyn Girl." Anybody else feel this way? I also like Johnathan Rhys Meyers much better as king than Eric Bana. Both Ann's I think are brilliant. Both F and I loved Sam Neil in the first season as well! I don't know how I'm feeling about Season III of the Tudors, we'll see.

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