Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shhh Don't tell

I'm supposed to be working right now but I wanted to get up a lightening fast blog post!  I have had such a great weekend even though it's been rainy cold and miserable.  Friday night my husband and I went out for a night and had so much fun.  We went to go have a coffee and ended up at some really chill thriftstore on North Loop.  We had some good laughs trying on 50s and 70s clothes.   No keepers to show though.  Then we ended up at some new Sushi place and had the most amazing food, with the most overzealous waitress I've met in my life.  It was funny, my husband found her over helpfulness to be refreshing, where I felt she was overbearing and annoying.

Saturday we lounged and then after nap went and got a pizza from a new pizza joint, as we are on the search for the best NY style pizza in town.  We brought our pizza to this park and ate and took a long hike through a frisbie golf course and to a playground.  We both just love watching our little girl play outside.  Her spirit just lights up when she's out in fresh air getting dirty and exploring.

Today we went to some fancy Target and got all sorts of yummy foods for the week.  I never thought I'd ever find myself grocery shopping at Target, but man the prices were amazing.  Mimi did the outing diaper free and even managed to go pee while at Target, making this a 1 diaper day so far.  Maybe by Christmas we'll not have to buy more? We'll see.

I'm going to spend the evening working and swapping loads of laundry and my two loves are going to see Happy Feet 2.  I love that Mimi gets all these special outings with her dad. She's so lucky to have a dad like that, mine just would buy me a Barbie and consider it done.  Franco is so patient with her and teaches her how to do some many things.

Now I'm going to harness the positive energy of all these warm and fuzzy family feelings and do some good work this afternoon and the rain drizzles outside my window.  I'm armed with a clean desk and steaming latte and ready for work.  Wish me luck!

This picture is just to make you smile, I laugh almost every time I look at it!

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