Monday, December 5, 2011

39 Degrees--Baby It's Cold Outside!

It is seriously cold today/tonight here in Texas.  When I went to pick up my husband at work at 5:30 it was 39 degrees F!  Wowzer. I've discovered something about Texas and Texans.  In the summer it is so hot it bakes your skin and melts playgrounds.  For Realz.  It was over 110 40 days this summer.  In this heat, the Texas complain complain complain!  "It's too hot!" "It's so hot!" "Man it's hot!" Flash forward to today---"Holy Crap it's freezing outside!" "When will it warm up!?" See they're never happy.  I think it's because there is only two seasons--Hot and Less Hot.  Maybe Texans need all 4 seasons so they can transition from the hot as the fires of hell to 39F.    Anyway...

Today my friend Emily texted me at 8:00am and told me her water broke, like literally a few minutes before she texted me.  She said her husband was two hours away at work and she was shaking in panic because everyone told her second births "Go So Fast!"   Part of the reason why she texted me was because we had just had a conversation about our expectations for birth and our disappointments.  She had told me she really just wanted her water to break spontaneously on it's own, her OB had broken her waters with her son while she was in labor.  Well, it's 13 hours later and she still hasn't had little baby Hazel, so just goes to show you---don't always listen to what everyone says!  She's doing great and I'm stalking her facebook waiting to see a photo of baby Hazel when she's born.

So exciting.  Babies Babies Babies this next year man.  I have so many pregnant friends right now it's crazy.

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Lisa said...

Your little munchkin is too cute for words!!