Friday, December 23, 2011

Broken Rules

Tonight I broke one my cardinal parenting rules. Never wake a sleeping baby.

We had a friend call us shortly after 8 and tell us that there was this cool candle-lit walk/Christmas light display thingy going on in our neighborhood tonight.  I had just gotten Mimi out of the bath and snuggled in bed.  She was already fast asleep with visions of yoyos in her head (I'll explain that later).  

My first parenting instinct was "oh well too bad Mimi's asleep." Then I thought....  
Jesus Jen live a little.  
I got out the BOB, reclined the seat, husband and I bundled up, and we plucked Mimi from her cozy bed.  We bundled her in the stroller, leashed up our dog mr. buddy and set out on a late night walk armed with the camera and some hot beverages. I mean it was 44 degrees out, and to us southern peeps THAT'S COLD.  

For the first 20 minutes Mimi was snoring away wrapped in a fleece blanket and fleece hat. Then WHAM, I hit a curb funny and she woke up and said "ut oh momma I fall out."  Man if I was her, and I had been asleep cozy in my bed and someone moved me from my bed, took me outside in the cold, and I woke up in a bumpy stoller I would be freaked the hell out. She was excited.  She loved the Christmas lights.  When I was little my dad would take us out at night near Christmas and tell us to look for Rudolph's nose.  Funny, because I don't have a lot of nice memories of my dad, but his was one that just snuck up on me tonight.

We all enjoyed our walk.  Impromptu, out of character, cold, and fun.  I need to live more.  It's little things like this that someday the memories will sneak up on Mimi and she'll smile and remember how we took her out in the middle of night to look for Rudolph.

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