Monday, December 12, 2011

Cookie Fun!

One brave Mama had 10 or more toddlers over to her house today for a cookie decorating party---hahahha not this Mama!  We attended the party and gladly brought a case of juice boxes and enjoyed trashing playing at someone elses' house :-)

At the party I was sitting in a room with a few of my mom friends, and BOOM one mom says "well i'm expecting..." then another mom said "yeah me too!" and then a third "holy cow I"m pregnant too!" 3 NEW PREGNANCIES announced today!  Then my good friend pulled me aside privately and told me she just  found out she was pregnant but didn't want to go public yet. Holy crap people.  Add this to me already having two pregnant friends and one friend who delivered last week.... I'm so happy for all of them! I feel so much pressure now! lol

Anyway......enjoy some photos from the day...

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