Friday, December 9, 2011

The Big 30 Soon

I think I'm bloggin as a way to avoid doing the work I know I should be doing.  You'll have to forgive me for posting old photos. Feeling a little nostalgia all up in here today.

What to blog about? How about the whole BIG 30 thing.  Yup. Jen is turning the big 30 on Sunday.  I used to laugh at people who had hangups about birthdays.  I used to think "Come on people it's just a birthday, we all get older"  I was totally fine with the fact that I was turning 30 until today when I was filling out this online form for something and It asked for my age.  I realized that in two days that number wasn't in the 20s anymore.

I don't feel any older really.  I've felt this "old" since I had Mimi. Something about going through a pregnancy, birth, nursing, general childrearing makes you feel (and look) "older" I think.  Maybe it is because most of us become less selfish after carrying and giving birth to another human being.  I feel like it's the ultimate grow up life lesson.
In the OR right after Mimi was born.  Damn I look hot.
Oh you wanted to shower?! Too bad baby needs nursing RIGHT NOW.
Oh you wanted to go out for happy hour with your friends!? Too bad babysitter is busy tonight.
Oh you wanted a new plasma TV?! Too bad, you have to buy that convertible carseat now.
Oh you want to look pretty and put together?! Too bad your kid just wiped sticky candycane on your pants. (true story in my house lately)
My two besties....

Seriously, having kids made me grow up, get my priorities in order, and be WAY less selfish.
It goes without saying that I wouldn't change my situation for ANYTHING.  I can totally rock the haven't showered today mom look.  Mimi and Franco are  my best friends.  I need to watch less TV anyway.  Maybe food stains are the new look?
When I was younger and thought about where I'd be when I was 30, which apparently according my husband men dont' think about....I wanted to be settled with a nice guy and have atleast one baby before 30.  I wanted to have finished school and have some sort of idea what I wanted to do with my life.  I feel like I'm pretty much there.  I feel so blessed to have met my husband early in my 20s.  I did  finish two of 3 college degrees, and I know that I want to enjoy whatever "job" I have in life.  What more can you ask for?

Today I laid in bed with Mimi before nap and tickled her and kissed her 1,000 times while she giggled and yelled "no more kisses momma!" and I thought, god, how could you ever top this feeling?  I feel truly blesses these days.

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Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

happy early birthday! when a person has a kid, it does age them a lot. i think everyone should be considered 30 on the day they find out they're pregnant :) except men.