Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Blah Kind of Day

Sometimes I have these days where I kind of feel sorry for Mimi.  Those days where the most exciting thing we do is go to the grocery store.  This morning after dropping my husband at work, Mimi and I filled up the car and hit super Walmart. Part of me thinks you can save money on a lot of grocery items from Walmart, but you also get sucked into buying a lot of impulse sale stuff too.  Somehow I went home with a giant tub of penguin foam stickers and mint chocolate scented handsoap in a snowman soap dispenser.  There's $5 I'll never see again....I tried to do enough shopping for 7 square meals.  I also loaded us up on fruits, cheeses, and other healthy snacks like pretzels, hummus, yogurt etc.   I did buy a few pricier things like almond flour ($9 for a lb but it's $12 at the normal grocery store), and dryel for our wool sweaters.  My whopping total was $150! WTF?  I have to remind myself that we don't do the CSA right now, so that's an extra $32 on top of the $80 I normally give myself.  I also bought household items which are budgeted separately, bus still....$150!?  Hopefully this will stretch us a week and a half.

Meals I have planned:
Meatloaf w/ veggies
Stuffed peppers and salad
Pumpkin soup with Chicken
Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Spaghetti squash with cheese and sauce
Salmon Patties with Veggies and Salad
Pasta with Clam Sauce

Lately we've reduced our carb/grain consumption BIG TIME.  I still have things like pretzels, granola bars, pancakes etc for Mimi, but Momma and Papa are pretty low on carbs these days.  We only eat pasta once a week now and we measure out our portions.  I feel amazing.  I feel full all day, I have tons of energy to run, and I'm losing 2-3 lbs a week.  

Other than my big spendy grocery trip I've felt really blah all day.   Other than the grocery store and walking the dog Mimi and I have played inside all day.  I let her pretend to be hairdresser on my hair (ouch), she pretended she was my doctor with her new doctor kit, she did 5 preschool pages in her workbook and kept begging for more (yes!).

Something positive is that Mimi is on day 4 without diapers (minus nighttime).  She had one accident a day for the first two days, and now she's seems do be doing really well.  I basically take her to a bathroom wherever we are every 45 minutes to an hour even if she says she doesn't have to go.  I'm hoping that in a few days, I'll have to do less of that and she'll go do it more on her own.  We have her bathroom set up so she can reach and do everything, and I've been dressing her in clothes that are easy for her to get off herself.  Hopefully by the time she starts part time preschool next week she'll be 100% potty trained.  She is refusing to poop though.  Kind of weird, but I'm sure she'll go eventually.  Ah the joys of parenting.

That's all I got today peeps.  I'm going to go drink my 3rd cup of coffee and motivate myself to do dissertation work. Peace out.
I'm not going to lie, I want another one of these really badly........Mimi @ 2 weeks old.......

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