Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Little Ballerina

At Mimi's dance class, the parents are not allowed in the room on all dance class days.  We have a special waiting room with windows so we can observe the class, but not disrupt it.  I was so excited that today the teachers allowed us in the class for the second half.  My husband took the morning off to come with us (which he NEVER takes time off).  We had breakfast at Rudy's and made our way to the class.  It was raining all morning, so we were all kind of soggy and wet.

I love that Mimi enjoys this class.  I never had to force her to go in, or beg her to let go of my leg and go in the studio or any of that.  From day one in August, she was excited to wear her dance stuff, and excited to run in the studio and dance with her friends and teachers.   We'll definately keep this activity up until she asks to stop going.

I wanted to share a few photos of my chubby ballerina.  In the car on the way home she said "Momma Papa you proud of me!?" and I said "Yes Mimi! We couldn't be more proud!" She rode all the way home with the biggest smile on her little face.  God Bless my Mimi.

Forgive me for picture overload today....

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