Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sewing with Christa

That could be the name of a super cool show on pbs right!?  Well Christa and I found this cute seersucker fabric when we were browsing JoAnn's late one night before getting kicked out by the crotchedy old ladies who cut the fabric and lecture you on your measurements....I digress....

We decided we would make adult versions of the skirt I made for Mimi in this post.  Let me tell you, we had one hot Friday night of sewing....(wow that sounds so dorky)

I chose light blue seersucker and a shorter length skirt, Christa opted for gray seersucker and a longer skirt. I like the way mine turned out after some miner adjustments to control for the "fluffyness" of it.  I plan on pairing with a tight fitting white tank and leather sandals and maybe a necklace or scarf (not both, I can't stand over accessorized people).

We also made some braided bracelets using the same techniques as this post.

As you can see by some of these photos, Christa and I got a little too silly...She was wearing this gray striped dress from Forever 21 already, so she's a little overstriped lol.

This one's blurry but I still like our pose...

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stephanie5288 said...

So cute! Being able to sew is a goal of mine.