Friday, April 29, 2011

Congrats Grace!!!

Nothing cheers you up like holding a brand new baby.  Even if it's not yours.  My friend Grace gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl this morning.  I was psyched when she called me to tell me I could come see her and the baby.  It made my day.  I've been so upset over what happened to my brother, it was nice to have a ray of sunshine.  Here she is, Elise Olivia.  I'm so happy for Grace and her husband.  A healthy (and chunky) baby girl to love!

I was surprised when my husband wanted to come to the hospital too to see the baby.  Men typically aren't baby gushers, but he was excited too.  I looked at that tiny newborn and looked at my husband with a pout face and said "I want one!" and he said "Not right now" lol.

I guess I can post a picture of the baby instead of myself, lol.

Absolutely Gorgeous.  What a blessing.

And just so Mimi doesn't get jealous...
See, I feed my kid french fries too sometimes....

She LOVES to go "beep beep" in my car.  

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