Sunday, April 3, 2011

Randomness of my Saturday...

So today I went for a morning run.  I generally don't run in morning, but now that the heat is amped up here in Florida, I figured I should take advantage of the cool breezy morning while I could.  I've stopped pushing myself while running.  Now I just run as far and fast as I want, and if I get tired, I walk a little, and I don't beat myself up about it.  Tuesday is my cardio stress test, if I pass with flying colors, I won't worry about pushing myself, but I'll continue to try to remember that I run to enjoy it, so if should be enjoyable.

While I'm running I have the most random are some of the.
Don't you just laugh when you see a big burly guy walking a tiny toy dog? Today I saw a big burly cuban looking guy with a teacup size dog. For Realz.
Why do people need expensive gear to run?  Running is so primal.  Why do we feel like we need to spend so much money on the clothes we sweat in? I understand the purpose of buying clothes that move with you well, a bra that supports you well, and shoes that support and cushion your feet.  I mean they sell 20 dollar running socks, really? You need 20 dollar socks to sweat in?  My favorites that are worth the money:

1.  Women's Nike Dri Fit Running Shorts - I have 3 pairs, I have worn and washed the crap out of them for three years and they are still going strong.  Never bunch up, ride, or any of that nonsense.  More than I like to pay for them, but a good buy in my opinion.   I pretty much will be living in them once I'm a SAHM again.  For Realz.
2.  New Balance 992 Running Shoes - Ugliest friggin' shoes I've ever owned, but after 2 knee surgeries and a broken ankle, these shoes have not done me wrong.

I told the hubs that I want to buy a new job stroller. Ours we got used for $20 and it veers to one side and is big, heavy and bulky.  If I am going to a SAHM, that is on my short list of things to save for.  Have toddler, must run (with jogger that doesn't veer sideways).   Now go ahead and leave a comment that I cam contradicting myself by saying "who needs expensive running stuff" then saying I need a new jog stroller.....then come over and run a mile with my jog stroller and tell me it's not horrible....


Why do youtube moms get all pissed off when they get comments they don't like about their parenting? For real ladies, you make these videos, make them public, want people to watch them, then wonder how can people be so judgmental and leave these comments!? waaa waaa waaa (sound of baby crying obnoxiously).  Be realistic, not everyone will like you, not everyone has tact, and surprise surprise....not everyone agrees with you.  Also realize that when you make your videos and spew out all of your parenting advice, expect some of it back.  Or just ignore the and get over it.


Well how could I put up a post without putting an obnoxious amount of Mimi photos?!  We busted out the inflatable swimming pool today.  I sat out there and let her play with the while it filled.  It was truly relaxing.  I felt kind of bad letting her use too much water, as I'm always telling her that the kids in Haiti don't even have clean water to drink....anyway...

Me trying to tan my Michael Jackson white legs......

I love my husband.  He is such a sweet papa.

I would by Mimi of ebay...she's that cute....

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Meghann (Bringing up Bumble) said...

the picture of her drinking from the hose looks like it's straight off a magazine cover, awesome picture! plus you look super cute tanning :)