Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Longest Separation Ever :-(

I just watched my husband drive out of our Florida driveway for the last time.  He left for San Antonio this morning to start his 6-8 week training before he's moved to Austin.  We're not going to be apart the full 6-8 weeks, but we will be separated as a family for the longest ever.  My husband will see me next weekend when I fly to Austin to go house rental hunting with him.  He won't see Mimi for probably 3 weeks.  This is by far the longest he's been away from us both.  He had been getting really choked up about it as the time neared for him to pack his car and leave.  I really didn't start to get upset until I realized that he wasn't just leaving us, but our home in Florida.  We bought this house together, which by far was the most stressful situation we'd gone through at that point.  We've also been married while living here and brought our first baby home to this house.  This house holds so many memories for us.  Part of me is not that upset because we're not selling it. So for all intent and purposes, it's still our Florida home.

I'll miss my husband.  I'll miss him even though he can be really messy and annoying.  He's my best friend and my partner.  He's Mimi's Papa.  We plan to make a little video every couple of days and post it for him so he can see what we're up to.

I don't know how you military families do this.  You guys (and gals) go through separations and moves way worse than what we're facing.  I try to remember that we made this move to have a better life for our family.  Higher salaries with equal cost of living means I get to be home with our children and my husband feels more challenged and valued at his job.  We've made a step up, but it's hard to not be upset with what we're leaving behind.  Our first home, his first post college job, 7 years of great friendships and fun times (not to mention to 3 National Championships! GO GATORS).

Hubs and Mimi on our walk last night.

My two most favorite people.  


Jess Craig said...

man, this majorly sucks! i'm so sorry you're going through this! but keep your head up! it'll get better. :)

stephanie5288 said...

I feel for you :( Chris travels about 6 months out of the year. Each time he leaves is hard. However, after a few days you get in your kinda-single-mommy routine, and it's okay :)