Monday, April 11, 2011

Let the Adventure Begin

T-minus 3 weeks until husband is shipped off to San Antonio for his training, and T-minus 7 weeks until this family ships off to Austin.  Adventure 1: Finding a home

This is going to be a doozy.  Husband and I already exchanged some words on our differing expectations on what we want our living situation to be.  Husband is a little delusional sometimes.  Husband thinks that it would be glamorous to live downtown and be urbanites.  He forgets I think that we have a crazy toddler and 65 lb yellow lab that are moving with us to.  I think he has this delusional idea in his head that we're a yuppy dink (double income no kids) and he forgets we're going to be a single income with baggage.  I think he also has a morphed idea of what 1,000 a month gets you in a city where it is desirable to live downtown.

I myself and torn between the lure of being a young urban family and the lure of a more suburban quiet area where we can have a nice bigger home for the same price as the rustic downtown apartment.  I've been eagerly scouring craigslist and zillow rent sites to see what's available in our desirable price-range that's not totally in suburbia, but close to his new workplace and close to downtown fun.

I've found a really great condo I like with a kitchen to die for.  Kitchens a big draw for us, we cook A LOT and spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  The kicker is this place is $200 more than we wanted to spend. Not $200 more than we can afford, but spend.  So now I'll have to sit down with our budget and see what's realistic.  Oh the fun.... (NOT).  

We also have to tie up the lose ends of renting our house.  We have 4 other people than our originally intended friend that are interested.  So the friend we had in mind originally needs to make up her mind and seal the deal or we're moving on to the other contenders....Atleast it's not stressful finding someone I guess.

Oh Joy. Have a great night!

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