Monday, April 25, 2011

Stay at Home Scientist Style File

Dress - Target $18
Shoes - Target $14.99
Earrings - Forever 21 $2.80

Wish my legs weren't like small tree trunks.....

Boy do I need an eyebrow wax lol


Jess Craig said...

whoo! i like this relaxed mom style! actually, this is pretty much the opposite of mom style. i wouldn't even know you were a mom if i saw you on the street! not that you always look like a mom. shit. i just need to shut up.

now that you're a stay at home mom, you can be like a full time mom blogger and be obsessed with it like i am!

Laura said...

very hot Mama!! :) looking really good and relaxed!

Sascha und Karin said...

I cannot see your last two posts :-( Is it just for chosen people?
BTW you look great!