Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weaning....and not about a baby....

Today I had my cardiac stress test.  For those of you that are like WTF does she need a cardiac stress test for? I'll catch you up.  2 months ago I went to the doc for migraines, found out I was hypertensive, was put on bp meds, have felt like crap every since.  I'm in the process of going through testing to determine the cause of my hypertension.

1. Stress from my job? Probably
2. Genetic predisposition? Possible but not probable at my age
3. Renal issues? 50% sure no
4. Cardiac issues? Nope

So today they hooked me up to a treadmill and ran me hard.  Well, they slowly amped up the treadmill until I hit 180 bpm, all while monitoring my bp, heart, and oxygen.  It was kind of futuristic.  My ticker performed awesomely.  I also got to see an ultrasound of my heart which was hella cool.  Seriously....I got to see all the valves and chambers just pumping away.  God bless modern science and blue cross blue shield.

The results?

Nothing. My ticker is fine. My results all normal.  I got what I wanted----I am cleared to run AND most importantly, they are going to wean me off my meds.  My kidney ultrasound last week was also normal, the last test is an MRI of my vessels leading to my kidneys.  If that tests comes back normal, is really could just have boiled down to the ol' job.  Well the ol' job is done. I resigned Friday.  My last day is April 20.

I hope to be off bp meds by this fall.

Oh the doctor told me I should lose 10-15 more pounds.  Geesh, thanks skinny frail asian cardiologist for telling me something that plagues me everyday!


stephanie5288 said...

That's great that everything came back normal! What a relief!

Jess Craig said...

for starters, i'm glad you're okay! that is totally weird thing to go through! and also, screw that doctor! what the hell. you're fine. you're SOOOOO HEALTHY. you could probably run circles around that little guy. forget what he said. you're a freaking warrior.

Christa said...

I think I am getting hypertensive from you singing 'Country Road'