Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going Clean

Yes-I shower everyday, that is not what this post is about...

This is so random, but they reduced my diuretic medication and guess what?  I instantly gained 1.5 lbs. I was like "Damn, that was a good run" in reference to the fact that I've been chowing whatever I wanted including subway cookies, an occasional soda (I, what a hypocrite, cause i'm such a soda nazi!), even chips one day, and still was sitting pretty at 178 lbs.  I somehow managed to stay at this weight even though I was chowing down and barely running.  WTF Jen?!  Food Vacation Over.   Don't me wrong, I know I just gained that weight over night due to the reduction in the diuretic, but it made me think about these last 10 lbs I have to lose.

At home we hardly eat (or buy) any processed foods. In fact, one of my babysitters jokingly said my house sucks for snack foods and all I have is "that healthy organic crap."  Now, I'm only home for Breakfast and Dinner, lunch I usually end up at the Hospital cafeteria full of processed crap.

When I leave this job, I'm leaving that habit behind as well.  I am going to re-dedicate myself to eating clean and mostly raw.  When I'm "clean" with my diet, I feel better, sleep better, even my skin and hair feel amazing.  When we pull Mimi out of daycare I want her to not have access to processed foods either.  I'm not saying i'm going to be uber controlling and not let her have a cupcake at a birthday party or ever go out for icecream, but the bulk of our food is going to be unprocessed, without dyes and preservatives.

Here is a link to the article I read today.
It talked about artificial dyes in our foods.  It wasn't the best article, but It made me think a little more.

So now that I just downed a "large size" kit kat for my 3pm sugar crash, I am posting this and making a resolution to do better.  Hey---I did drink 3 liters of water today folks!  That's a start heading back into the right direction.

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stephanie5288 said...

Glad you posted this! I am always trying to "clean" up my diet. And Claire's too. I am excited for late spring/summer and the produce it brings!