Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time to come clean...

Well guys I have come confessions...

1. Mimi's carseat was front facing as soon as she hit the weight/age for it (gasp)
2. I forget to brush Mimi's teeth sometimes (gasp)
3. I sometimes have to bribe her with candy to get her to behave in public places (oh my)
4. I feed her scrambled eggs and peas for dinner whenever I dont' feel like cooking (this is often folks...)
5. Mimi is in daycare fulltime (gasp!)
6. I let Mimi eat stuff off the floor if she's faster than me (oh dear)
7. Once I got her up in the middle of the night to cuddle with me in my bed because I missed her (holy selfish mother)
8. I let Mimi watch a hour of TV while we cook dinner each night (wow i'm a hypocrite)
9. I let Mimi play with my Iphone even though my husband tells her no when she grabs his (mixed signals much?)
10. Mimi had cow's milk before she was 12 months (oh snap)
11.  Mimi is never getting the chicken pox vaccine and missed the rota virus vaccine (oh well)
12.  Mimi wears crocs almost daily because we're too lazy to match her socks (wow, we are lazy)
13. Twice my husband forgot to feed Mimi (WTF right?)
14. Mimi wears disposables (I know we're earth killers right? how dare us!?)
15. I never taught Mimi baby sign language because I'm too lazy to learn it. (just sayin')
16.  I let Mimi take sips of my coffee drinks when she asks
17.  I dozed off one saturday morning on accident while Mimi watched Dora
18. For some words we often use "baby word" equivalents (Mimi where are your shoesies?)

I think that's a good enough list for the first child.  Do you have motherly confessions?

Mimi is alive and thriving despite all of my "mistakes"


Jess Craig said...

everything you just posted is a REGULAR thing with me. i fall asleep every single morning (not like, fully) while we watch CARTOONS on the TV.

Laura said...

Love it, you are so freaking funny!! I totally needed a good laugh!

-I still give Kaleb bottles cause Iam too lazy to switch to a sippy cup.

-I let Kaleb have his soother all the time at home.

-I let Kaleb play with anything just to keep him happy while we get ready for work.

-Sometimes I forget to change Kaleb's diaper often enough.

Meghann said...

i do a lot of that! especially the food off the floor - it's not going to kill him and kudos to him for being resourceful!