Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amazing Beach Weekend

So I told you my husband has been interviewing for jobs in another state--well things are moving right along and we are becoming somewhat prepared to be moving soon...More news on that next week.....
But for now, we are sucking the life our of Florida.  This weekend we went camping at our favorite beach spot.  Anastasia Island State Park is on the most amazing state parks I've ever camped at.  We had 6 adults, 1 Mimi, and my friends dog all cozied into our site for the entire weekend.  It was hot and gorgeous by day and cool by night, perfect for hours around the campfire.  There's this small window in the Florida springtime where it is still cool at night, comfortable to sleep and great for blazing campfires.

Our weekend was full of smores, dirt, sand, sunscreen, fun camp food, and friends.  The only downer is that I think I have strep throat and suffered all weekend with a fever and not being able to swallow.  So that sucked, but hopefully I'll get in to the doc tomorrow for a throat culture.

Enjoy this photo heavy post with some of my favorite beachy photos of Mimi and my friends.

Mimi and Papa

Found a washed up starfish

Mimi and Momma, delicatley cropping her not-so-ready swimsuit body out of the photo....

Carefully cropped photo of mimi with the sandollar I found

My little beachy baby toddler

Playing at the beach

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Meghann said...

look at those chubby thighs! i want to bite them! (sorry if i'm freaking you out)
I love the picture of her in the hat, she's beautiful